Silica gel products factory suggests the dangers of drinking too much

by:Cupidove     2020-08-27

a lot of people have the habit of drinking, when leisure relaxed drink two cups, in the dinner party when the table is difficult to avoid open wine, while drinking there is profit to the body, can promote blood circulation, dredge meridians and other advantages, but in some ways, excessive drinking is very big to the harm of the body, but also to a lot of drinking, drunk in the accident is frequent, every basic there was accident cases because of drinking, for office workers like to drink, is also a kind of habit, so the silicone products manufacturer of employees work life also has the strict management, drink to have a degree, and after approval of the head of the company to the proper drink, this is also a lot of enterprise management, in particular, some government agencies unit, basic it is such management, and in the same industry in a few days ago a company employee for drinking of mechanical equipment damage caused by work news reached our ears. This habit but have aspects of influence to the company.

a silica gel products factory dongguan an employee because he is a friend's birthday party, in the table above, after a friend's invitation to refuse, so after drank two cups of wine on the night shift led to the moulding machine Taiwan mold damage, brought loss to the company, the employees because no in time to persuade my friend refused to someone else's invitation to cause accidents, so as a member of the silicone industry, we should be able to control to control oneself, in life to drink a lot, there are also many accidents because friends persuade cannot refuse to cause accidents, so to remind the broad masses of friends in the case of something, try not to drink in the table above, tragedy often because it to a point.

in recent years, traffic accidents caused by drinking and fighting, work delay, and so on are in many cases, so prompt friends, especially like drinking friends where duty calls, work or don't go to drink at work, know to refuse, know the self-control, such a healthy life to you, for your travel security, worried about your family, try not to drink this kind of bad habits at work. So drinking less alcohol, the health is your own!

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