Silica gel products factory: silica gel products industry color debugging problems

by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

to understand solid forming silica gel products industry, the appearance of the color for the product and consumers have a role to decide, now out of the market of industrial products, medical products, basic don't have much of design and color, the daily necessities of life, the product of a long engagement with life basic with a certain color mainly to win the hearts of consumer friends, as we are now common decorative products or silicone electronic protection products are for grinds only won the love of a lot of friends to hundreds of thousands of colors to make the finished product, so the color of the silicone products is also depends on the consumer's eyes!

when it comes to product color difference, the influence of each silicone products manufacturer for color debugging has a professional colorist is also so, the effect of the color for the product has a great influence, according to the percentage hundred allocation to add a small amount of color master debugging, and a few grams of masterbatch can affect the color of the dozens of kilograms of raw materials, so the color that the above still has a lot of work for technical levels. Need to calculate the effect of several kinds of synthesis after whether can get the corresponding color, and some special product after the deployment of good or can not get the corresponding color, that is about to calculate all kinds of factors, such as adding accurate color glue in calculating the amount of curing agent, after mixing machine mixing effect and whether even, after add molding curing temperature of 200 degrees to have off color, and so on.

add color gel have certain influence to the silicone products, especially for some special silicone products, this is also a difficult problem in a lot of silicone products manufacturer, eyes look is no big difference but look closely there are still a little difference, so how many color to add glue also has the certain difficulty, not only have a certain request for color glue, and the weight of the raw material also has certain requirements, color rubber and raw materials with wants to get the color, is a simple process, but it is very difficult to master, but does not rule out some color will not ideal, some may need a few hours or even ten hours to complete, it is also a color master need professional experience and complete.

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