Silica gel products factory remind you guard against fake silicone products

by:Cupidove     2020-08-13

the eve of the Spring Festival, a lot of friends for a lot of household items, there are silicone class household items, such as silica gel pad, silicone kitchenware, silicone spatula, etc. Store of silica gel products may also a little bit good recognition, if it is online to buy some silicone products, can only just went up from the picture look, but not very intuitive feel the authenticity of the material. Many similar silicone products, all in the name of the silicone pretend to replace the silicone material, have a plenty of PVC, have a plenty of TPU and other thermoplastic materials. Silica gel compared with other materials, molecular structure and health security is relatively much higher, a lot of maternal and infant supplies USES silica gel as processing materials, mainly because of environmental protection and non-toxic silica gel is a major bright spot, for example the pacifier, as well as some bottles, silicone bib and so on.

in recent years, with the food contact silicone products increasingly appear on the market. Points according to the product use, most of the household articles for use are made of silicone materials for processing, only a small number of some special purpose products will use rubber, silica gel is a kind of synthetic material, the synthesis of silica gel can be through the SGS testing, institutional and in silicone products factory, raw material inspection report.

silicone products manufacturer lobular friends remind the general public, due to domestic most of the people are still not know the silica gel this material, silicone material processing products are not very familiar with, recognition of materials were scarce, but silicone material and most of the thermoplastic elastomer material and no significant difference in the look and feel, so is not very good, some of the electricity network operators page on material that may be wrong understanding of the material, if be in stores or electric business platform to buy silicone products, such as taobao, please pay more attention to the material specification, or please go to the ( www。 dgdb88. cn) See the introduction, in order to ensure the safe use of the product.

about silicone products factory

'to provide customers reliable high-quality green products. 'Is the production of silicone rubber products factory has always been adhering to the idea. Company adopts advanced ERP management system, and in accordance with the relevant institutions, laboratories, professional testing company and well-known listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. Intermediate inspection is the key to find and solve the major quality problems. Therefore, maintain the normal operation of the machine, mold good working state, strengthen the operation of the operator and qc personnel skills and quality consciousness training is the key to reduce production bad, is also the enterprise benefit.

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