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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
Silica gel products factory production equipment have? Cupidove, small make up today to share with you as a silica gel products factory, shall be equipped with what kind of production equipment, which helps the customer know the industry information of silica gel products factory. First of all, from the point of view of silica gel products production, machines equipped with at least the following: 1, plate vulcanizing machine. Silica gel processing plant commonly known as hydraulic press, or vulcanizing machine. This is the main production equipment, can produce the silicone products on these machines. Show you above, so that you can more intuitive understanding; 2, silicone products injection machine. This kind of machine is mainly is to increase the smoothness of the product and feel comfort. Because the silicone products is a grind arenaceous feeling, this is due to the molecular structure of the silica gel is decided. But what is injection mainly depends on the product, not all products are need to injection. 3, the silicone oven machine. Oven is the main function of the product heating disinfection, so that you can through the exporter of quality inspection standards; The above three kinds of machine is the most basic production equipment, however, some silicone products factory may not have the silicone products oven machine, which requires outbound to other suppliers, but there is a problem, is the production progress is slow, because of the need to be outgoing, outgoing need a certain amount of time. And if your silica gel products factory has this machine, time can completely control by itself. And if the customer wants to find a shenzhen factory of silicone for silica gel processing, will be a bit careful. At this point, if the customer want faster delivery, it depends on whether it is a silicone mould processing ability, namely whether the silicon mold has its own r&d center and department staff, after all, the tooling is the mother of the product. From the birth of a product, the first is the design drawing, and then to the silicone mold, then try the die and mould and correct before formal production were determined. If shenzhen silicone factory does not have its own mold development capabilities, require outgoing to other suppliers, this is not conducive to the production schedule. 好的! I believe you see here, is basically understand the silica gel products factory production equipment, you need thank you!
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