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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
Actually open mold proofing time in silica gel products factory in general company have any grinding tool development to train is entirely up to you, or is to find out the direct development of abrasive abrasive tool factory, if the silicone products of grinding tool, so they belong to the engineering department. By professional engineers, design drawings, RanZhou after good negotiation and communication products of mold development, to ensure the maximum loss of resources. Silica gel products if you need proofing, choice of aluminum mold cavity, because relative steel or copper aluminum mold its hardness is much lower, mold engraving also many naturally and quickly. Silica gel in the U disk shell silicone electronic products and the silicone products purse, silicone toys can also use the aluminum mold, your engineer and your abrasive master communication and problem solving to be quick and easy, and find out grinding factory, time need their own design, if you won't have to looking for abrasive company design in terms of time and resources so that time loss is very large, closer to if ok, can be done in a few minutes, if a bit further, STH over and over again. 。 。 。 ! From the above that has its own abrasive sector of silica gel products factory have open mold and proofing efficiency will be higher than no percentage is about 40%, we Cupidove silicone products products factory in the first floor of the factory has its own abrasive sector, their own research and development technical team, no matter at sampling speed and liberation scheme can one-stop service. Let you be in Cupidove safely produce any silicone products products
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