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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
Small make up I often meet some customers ask for quotation, however, we as the silicone products factory or silica gel products factory, just outside to do the silicone processing, and didn't do spot, it is difficult to have an accurate price to customer, can only be given before doing the silicone products to customers. It doesn't, I met one such customer again yesterday, sending a network pictures he asked whether the product price, how much size and other product value. Like the picture! We release the product pictures in alibaba shops or other platforms, however, the image of the silicone stereo set, we have not done it before, what should I do? Yesterday, thought for a moment, really can't think of a good sales words to answer, however, still can come up with some answers should save. Here, to share! Q: meet customer ask products, but we released the information and when did the goods? A: it is customized to open mold again! Operation method: also can transfer from other factory production. The above two kinds of answer, is not the best, but can't, we didn't do it this product! The best solution, or made to customers willing to pay mould cost, after all, they can handle. Don't use the product outgoing, or transfer. But this is for the silicone products factory. If it is trading company, you can ignore this article. Today is a rainy day, but it is clear to me to share & other; Silica gel products factory no physical substance, what should I do? ” This article for your reference, in order to do business personnel can timely and learning how to be a qualified personnel. Finally, shenzhen Cupidove silicone rubber products co. , LTD. Is a silica gel processing plants, is also a silicone products manufacturer, welcome customers to contact us for business negotiation and, thank you!
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