Silica gel products factory invite you know rubber mixing process together

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

rubber mixing technology of a solid is very important of silicone rubber products, silicone products manufacturer on solid rubber mixing process of silicone rubber products for you.

mixing is a relatively strong technical work, generally do not finish the work, the manufacturer of silicone products slowly to you. 。

refined selection of collagen material:

busy in rubber mixing workshop workers constantly provide our molding workshop each machine with different colors and shapes of rubber. According to the dosage of rubber hardness, and tensile strength, choose a different rubber mixing raw materials is also very important.

mixing processing requirements:

solid materials of hardness mixed silicone rubber range is 30 degrees and 90 degrees, the average color rubber recipe, according to the distribution of color density and excellent adhesive raw materials products placed above the amount of kneading machine, vulcanizing agent between used to make high temperature molding machine manufacturing molded products.

mixing vulcanizing agent requirements:

vulcanizing agent of rubber are important food additives, such as vulcanizing agent has been added that are not familiar with the product will be made, some product package many silicone products company in the wind or not familiar phenomenon is also the problems of sulfide, add too much, vulcanization time expired, etc. These reasons.

mixing forming steps:

as well as the cutting and the thickness of rubber mixture is completed before making molding machine effective use of reasonable size to prevent the waste of raw materials and the phenomenon of the lack of material,

after mixing evenly on rubber cutting machine rubber cutting can be reasonable distribution, work products don't have to cut out a different length and width of the rubber, evenly placed to dry place.


rubber mixing process are basically made of this process, but seemingly simple process contains a lot of technical problems, so if you need to understand before they can know how the silicone rubber products processing!

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