Silica gel products easy to tear, the causes of affecting the service life of the product to come from

by:Cupidove     2020-09-18

as the growth of the silicone industry market sales silicone products widely used in life caused a lot of friends to buy inferior products, silicone products, small make up recently received a lot of friend's message, claiming the rupture and not durable silicone products, just bought soon appear tear phenomenon, is found to be the problem of inferior material or production problems, silica gel products have been widely used in recent years, so many friends all don't want to in the use of the disadvantages of short life of the product, then what's the reason that cause the product is fragile and how to identify the quality of the product?

on the silica gel products factory production process,, the phenomenon of the tear is more silicone raw materials can decide the quality of the products of the tear strength and on the molding process, high tensile raw materials tend to be expensive, so a lot of friends to buy may be silicone products manufacturer in the raw materials to add a large amount of silicon powder or other additives to improve the performance of the finished product is easy to tear. And a short life span. Remove the raw material problems in the production process of high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber under the control of temperature and time, high temperature products obviously is too fragile in use process is easy tear easily, as time is too long lead to products in the mould is easy tear phenomenon, in the production process there are other factors lead to the product quality is not good.

advice in the purchasing or buying can clearly distinguish the quality of the products in order to avoid the purchase to the low quality of the products, silicone products of the most prominent is its elasticity, good quality products in the elastic, elongation, soft and springback degrees when buy so much to see the elasticity of the product, high transparency products basically belongs to the high rent. Can judge when buying product transparency, hardness is also reflect the phenomenon of product is tearing resistance, it belongs to the silica gel products springback and tensile deformation needed concentration, explicit way to identify the quality of the soft and hard.

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