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by:Cupidove     2020-05-01
Often many times, new salesman silicone products manufacturer in addition to the orders of the consciousness, will think only received a list can! It's not! The new salesman never given the current production capacity of the factory. Rookie salesman just order, don't ignore what the factory can delivery to the customer's hands. Results in the end, there will be only one end, is the customer will be closer to the delivery date, delivery every day, leading to the relationship between the customers and rigid, and then lost each a customer to receive. In order to avoid such a situation, according to my experience in the silicone products manufacturer, to share some useful knowledge of business orders. If you speak wrong, please specify! Often lead to customer delivery everyday problems, is has the following is a new salesman consider less than, or even not to think about, because there is no experience, so understandable: 1, the production process, there will be a problem. In the process of the production of silicone products will appear problem, this problem should be put forward for engineering department and production department to, and most should do in the process of the new salesman thing is to ask the engineering and production department, this kind of product in the process of production of what would happen. Though recent salesman does not understand the production process, but it is important to know whether the product, as well as have factory itself has been done, and already have exclusive production experience of silica gel products, it is very necessary to understand the problems in the development process will encounter new products. 2, will point to the customer put forward, which occurred in a timely manner to avoid delivery date not the customer delivery of things, so as to strive for more production time for the factory. Customer will not easily change their draft plans, are the serious mistakes, or it is difficult to enforce or execution cost is too high, will modify the design drawing! Will point will appear in the process of production problems, is not to say that we have not ability to produce silicone products factory, in most cases is discarded, lead to high production costs, and questions. Production problem point is put forward, to give the customer a psychological preparation, at the same time also can let customers decide for yourself whether to proceed. 3, delivery. When we received an order, receive orders, customer will ask the production cycle, mould delivery delivery. This we also need to combined with the client's psychological delivery and our judgment as silica gel products factory production capacity. If your factory is busy stage, can't again on to the next single production, or under a single customer's production needs row to a later time, this is what do you want to and customer said. I think, at least to do oneself have a psychological preparation. What to prepare? Products sent to other silicone products products peer production preparation, as well as the production cycle will surely is longer than your factory preparation. Because of what? Because it wasn't his factory production, a lot of things we cannot predict, at this time, is a outgoing products will be to consider the problems in order to make yourself and your customers have a time to prepare. If the above 3 points can do, customer delivery the root of the problem, but can solve in advance, to avoid happen! Actually the experience, should be applied in many manufacturing, as to what manufacturing right, depends on how the industry itself. OK, share so far as to, thank you!
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