Silica gel products are not ripe - in the molding process How to solve

by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

we have discussed before about the silicone products quality problem, for now, said some of the more common silicone products quality problem. Is one of the most serious products are not ripe, BaoFeng, hurt bad, lack of material, etc. , these are the problems often encountered in the production process, and not familiar also can be divided into several ways, local not familiar and unfamiliar parts, all are not ripe, they are not familiar with these can all be to improve production technology, and control the production parameters of the machine can effectively solve the problem.

the silicone products are not familiar with all this kind of situation usually doesn't happen directly, unless it is a new product proofing process, the curing time of products did not meet the good result in all are not ripe. To produce this kind of circumstance is discarded directly, not as a finished product until the next working procedure.

silicone products parts are not ripe, this kind of situation in the process of production, the main reason is usually produce the machine parameters of the problem, not hold good curing time and curing temperature lead to are not ripe, when doing the product first, due to the problem of operators and set the curing time is too short, and the mold temperature is too low, will appear such parts are not ripe, adjust the mold temperature and curing time can change the situation.

in the production of silicone products are not familiar with local is the most not easy to find, often do not practice place is less, or seems obvious enough, will flow to the next to the process, usually when forming the mold, should be self-checking, self-checking discovery, by control of next procedure control, again in the silicone products manufacturer, every product is after several process to packaging outbound.

the quality is the soul of enterprise survival necessary, each product data must be a good product. Only pay more attention to the quality of products manufacturers will have the market, the market is left to the sophisticated technology, advanced management, quality assurance of silicone rubber products manufacturers.

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