Silica gel products appear viscose phenomenon treatment scheme

by:Cupidove     2020-08-21

in the front there are plenty of silicone products in the production process details, and in the period of product QC is also have a lot of common detection problem, thermoforming product surface sticky raw rubber after became a lot of silicone products manufacturer headache problem, for large amount of demanding products such as silica gel products for customers in the supply of a silicone head wear, for customer order demand for larger supply question of raw rubber is the main difficulties of the product, the phenomenon of sticky occurs in the forming process of the finished product, what are the phenomenon of professional silicone products manufacturer, we how to solve?

all kinds of problems for the silicone products manufacturer, all kinds of bad product is not the reason for the raw material color mixing, molding technology and mould design is reasonable, and appear products sticky mode to find the main reason of phenomenon in the first place in the mold, in the process of production of silicone wore a second after the vulcanization mold mold core need to pull out to blow out thoroughly the burrs and raw rubber products, because the product inside a groove die structure within so take out the product is in the secondary sulfide makes it difficult to clean up the rubber in the groove. The weight of the second in the production of raw materials not accurate control lead to too much raw rubber into the mold internal no pressure to small gap, in the mold to the mold after cleaning not clean enough raw rubber and flash stick model, finally an important factor is the main cause of a lot of stick raw rubber silicone products manufacturer, for a large amount of products need to catch production will lead to product surface curing time reduce soft in combined with the structure of the mould cause of raw rubber tight adhesive products.

in raw rubber silicone products appear problem. What should I do?

1, in order to be able to make the mold faster demoulding, make the product more clean to modify the mold structure is one of the main reasons, the precision of the mould in precision seal make redundant raw rubber material could not enter the mould when oil pressure inside.

2, products in the process of production as far as possible in order to achieve the production effect of the product mold in secondary internal clean production to avoid unnecessary bad reason, secondly in put raw materials at the same time will control within a certain range, the weight of the rubber in the vulcanization process will reduce to a certain temperature and time of less than, avoid making soft package products wind phenomenon.

3, in cleaning up the silicone head need to adopt the water back and forth to wipe clean cloth glued on stripping, with regard to products are soft viscose phenomenon more serious can use the blade scratch to see whether can clean!

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