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by:Cupidove     2020-08-20

a lot of things in life will gradually grow old with the use of time slow slow, also can become old, besides other things, but the silicone products is the same as the frequency of use and the use of the environment and aging, the use of performance degradation, when it comes to aging phenomenon in our life of silicone accessories parts countless so probably in a casual mechanical parts or life's little parts can can bring us more trouble, silica gel used for long ageing as the environment, can see sticky soft, product has obvious swelling, also can appear hardening tearing crack phenomenon.

after study shows that the phenomenon of aging of silicone rubber products mainly from the use of the environment and can be used by the region of oxidation, thermal effect, stress, liquid effect lead to products to speed up the aging phenomenon, oxygen in the ozone destruction performance is larger, the silicone compounds of different molecular chain, leading to changes in performance of silicone rubber products or reduced, thermal effect, silica gel can be high temperature resistant but in use can lead to long-term high temperature polymer activation active silicon atoms appear soft expansion, the phenomenon such as foaming. Is needless to say, the action of forces destroyed the silicone rubber after long-term winding stress formula for stress too much lead to fracture cause deformation phenomenon appearance, water, silica gel belongs to high adsorption material does not dissolve in water and any liquid, but in the long contact with water can cause water molecules penetrate the silicone internal destroyed the basic properties of the material, resulting in a decline in product performance can appear even become angry phenomenon.

the condition of the aging phenomenon also appear only in casual between, general silicone products service life under normal conditions or to meet the ideal requirements, so in the use process to achieve the use of life can also be appropriate to prevent aging slow delay aging, antiager and is now manufacturer of rubber and silicone products manufacturer use one of a kind of additive, the commonly used with amine and phenolic two big series, in the midst of rubber and silicone products can be added 1%, mainly to prevent from heat, oxygen, light, and the effect of fluid, in addition, in the process of using the rational use of effective prevention can cut the use value of products! Dongguan city,

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