Silica gel processing factory silicone mold transfer printing technology in detail

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

multicolor silicone products factory is a integrated technology is the most familiar one kind of technology, products and technology from the current glue processing way and the way of the watermark and roller outside there is a less popular way of processing technology, it can make the silicone products to achieve the effect of silk screen appearance and stereo effect and glue processing, and there is some advantage on cost and processing technology, so what is the method you want?

make silicone products and glue to know each other is the same as the effect of ink brush, that can only be within the mold transfer IMD technology, this processing way has had been digging in long time ago, just the product of different product structure of processing in a different way and it is difficult to achieve the actual effect, the second is it make product though and glue is like but still no silicone glue processing of three-dimensional effect, and almost the same thermal transfer but less transfer out of silica gel products bright effect, so a lot of silica gel products manufacturers are willing to choose print or glue also don't choose it.

this way most suitable for the silicone accessories, decorative gifts, in view of the silica gel surface IMD technology, it broke through the pad printing monochrome technology, can be in surface of multicolor unibody silicone products, and can achieve the effect under the condition of the structure is more complex, such as concave and convex structure, circular structure, and the groove structure, etc. , its surface stamps pattern is the same as the printing effect, also can achieve abrasion scrape resistance, thermal fluid resistance and other advantages.

this kind of craft processing way and the cavity mode and solid moulded acquaintance, but silicon processing factories open mold in different ways, a design and production process, it is mainly to design method of mould into mold positioning function of the fixed mold surface structure and print design, after high temperature formed fixed together, this process except for the silicone products, is also suitable for other plastics, hardware and electronic toys industry, and its main process steps are as follows:

design typography design ( According to the mold positioning) - printed pattern membrane - will design film with silica gel into the silicon mold, vulcanization molding ( When curing temperature can fixed time at 180 degrees from the adjustable) To design and silica gel joint molding, open mold coating materials after automatically from the products from the surface, leaving only design in product surface - Clean - Surface injection ( According to the silicone products is also not spray) - QC inspection - Packaging products

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