Silica gel processing factory in detail: the silicone cleansing brush production process

by:Cupidove     2020-09-01

cleansing brush has become our life cannot lack of skin care products, natural all kinds of wash a face to brush also gradually appear in the market, for skin care, makeup, baby shampoo, etc. Used in a variety of brush, nylon and other material production, but the silicone products of cleansing brush is becoming a main cleanser, many brands on the market compared with brush nylon material, silicone material did better on convenient advantage, silica gel material are potential products in recent years gradually enter the market, and other materials from the most early is gradually occupied the market, so cause a lot of friends to buy silicone products without any detailed understanding, for cleansing brush production process, all of you know how many?

in the production process of silicone products manufacturer for the design of the silicone brush head to make detailed design, and the brush material is qualitative different is it brush head is made rather than food-grade silicone raw materials belong to fine fiber brush, silicone skin cleaning brush is used mold heat molding, so the design of the mould is the most important step, when the mould adopts CNC precision processing cleansing brush head holes, let each brush a head to keep a certain height, density and size to keep products in use process of the facial contact sexual better, with 30 degrees soft food-grade silicone raw materials production, so you can rest assured products softness, in the case of use for a long time not like fiber brush depilation. Silicone material after high temperature vulcanization, under normal circumstances can be high temperature resistant 280 or so, so you can rest assured with hot water to clean.

silica gel is different is that it belongs to the solid solid products, insoluble in water, so the use of process for the processing of bacteria is clean, soft material to make it done now supplies market, however many silicone products manufacturer for silicone material facial cleaning brush are making further research and development, while product brush head not brush the brush head of the nylon material is fine, but have been able to achieve very good effect for cleansing, by far the most thin silicone brush head is in 0. 3 mm or so, I believe that in the future of the silicone industry technology can also achieve better, more environmentally friendly products of a kind of life! Dongguan city,

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