Silica gel plug and difference of rubber plug, effect difference where exactly?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-19

colloid software jams in daily life is our common type of small parts, and this kind of accessories products also get a lot of the role, so can't say it is no big effect, because among all the also, it is really help us to solve some seal, jams, dustproof, waterproof, especially industrial supplies, electronic appliances and other products, so it counts and its role and material performance and important!

software stopper, most people think of rubber and silicone material, the rubber currently account for the major share of the market, other analysing the choice of silicone materials is more, so for the soft rubber products, silicone and rubber material in both comparisons in the form of use in each big industry, there appears a lot of questions, 'silicone and rubber seal that effect is good? 'Today we to popularize their difference where!

the first rubber products, as we have the common among industrial supplies accessories category, still have very strong advantages, such as for dustproof, waterproof, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, anti-aging, oil resistance and ozone radiation and so on, the rubber material is divided into various types, including materials can compound by dozens of raw materials and into the system, so the demand for different USES can allocate different attribute function, as some of the mechanical seal, electronic seal and auto construction space war industry and so on industry, even the rubber plug is perfect!

the silicone rubber plug is different, its main materials with environmental protection advantage, material texture, use comfortable give priority to, so as some electronic products, household items and small appliances used in waterproof dust-proof, combining of precipitated silica gel and its raw material is high fine grained molecular silicone combined with mixture of white carbon black, good product chain mesh, material is qualitative soft, use comfortable!

there is a common silicone rubber and rubber seal, can be in silicone products manufacturer molding of vulcanizing press molding, do different is that it is better environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, good effect, color feel better, can contact with human skin for a long time, so it's son headphones silicone plug and medical grade silicone plug even silicone utensils are widely used in food, mostly because the application range of material properties made it.

and silica gel compared with the material of rubber can be compared to them: the use of new technology and traditional industry, rubber material in the early years had earlier has heard so using rubber material is majority, and at present more and more been used silicone rubber products because it can be compared with rubber instead of the more useful, is the environmental performance and various techniques, such as shape design color, and so on!

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