Silica gel, perfume, why so many people use it

by:Cupidove     2020-09-07

in February 2014, perfume bottles silicone jacket out on the market after 20 days of products has attracted great attention in recent years has been hotly debated, the slogan: to compete with star synchronization, at the same time the product pricing and quality have been positioning in high-end products, the price is not what you want to, but after several months of change, the sales of products is more and more to go global, the market is very hot, when it comes to perfume set have you learned about silicone perfume still set?

said perfume may remind you of now set of electric cleansing instrument with the perfume of that time set in the same way, in any area and population belong to the type of products sell like hot cakes, positioning in the high-end product quality that must be the quality of the high demand, a lot of silicone products manufacturer for the product process and appearance treatment and anxiety, complex process, capacity of less than, not product supply, the product unit price rises, at the time of sales is very considerable.

to 15 years, the product is still popular, then a set of perfume in the 'chanel' brand can sell for one thousand yuan of above, the other from dozens to hundreds of online purchase is very much also, because market demand is different, different people choose different price also can get its main feeling, so this product is very popular at the time, but in the last year and this year, the supplier bids, and customer demand began to change, interest distribution, than price delivery, so products gradually began to market popularization, at least there are hundreds of suppliers in guangdong area that we have produced this stuff!

17 years, I still can see someone in making this kind of silicone products, and a lot of feeling is already upgrade, local tyrants powders appearance, structure has some changes, such as details and price of the product is expected to reduce how much, still seems now still someone in the continue to use this product

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