Silica gel pack, silicone purse, silicone how hot zero wallet custom processing

by:Cupidove     2020-09-19

silicone accessories small purse line popular in recent years, the style and quality also as consumer demand has been improved, and silica gel products currently processing technology maturity has completely basic products can be show in front of consumers as a promotional gifts, gifts, etc. , for now the silicone zero wallet this product while toward the low end the market, but it is because the price of the product and technology maturity will get good feedback in the low-end market.

in a few years ago the silicone products industry as a promotional silicone gifts besides pendant bracelet, necklace, few products get consumers back many times of single silicone small purse also not, go to yiwu market, overseas markets and the European and American markets products basic are good sales reaction, product cost is around 1 - as a whole 2 yuan, price of 5 - in all 20 yuan, the price is cheap with different process style design completely against other products market!

said to the production process:

main hardware + silica gel, the pure silica gel products processing technology, plus powders and plastic, etc. , using silica gel as different structure, the main production and silica gel belong to environmental protection, products with good soft handle, the main or products can be customized to different color and appearance LOGO, got the favour of many consumers, so that quality and technology of the high quality had to let the silicone gift amount not to walk in the market have to take heart!

according to statistics, in 2013 sales of zero wallet on a single silicon supply businesses to reach more than fifty thousand, and the country a total of about 1500 suppliers, product sales far beyond your imagination, so let zero wallet is to catch up with the boom of the sell like hot cakes, gradually began to decline in recent years, the silicone zero wallet is not as the amount of a few years ago there was so much, and now are based on science and technology as the center, silicone products also went more high-end side!

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