Silica gel mask should be how to choose and buy - You find the right way

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

mask products now are all the rage in the global scope, mask has become a necessity in any country, region, as China's mask of saturated capacity demand, the current materials for protection of reserves, environmental protection silicone mask gradually in the market, so far there have been several companies on the market and sales, and silica gel products are selling points will have to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages, so for the environmental protection silicone mask the choose and buy of also need certain knowledge of choose and buy, do you know what?

silica gel mask can be seen from the part of the market, it is one of the main structure, the silicone material, plastic shell, and the middle part of the filter of several major parts, the choice of the last part is the tape, for the structure of the utility function for each part no filter is important, so in the middle of the filter is able to achieve a good filter protection is the key to it.

filter is the same as our current disposable masks, also can be divided into different levels, disposable medical mainly adopts three layer non-woven plus two layer grade FFP3 among more than 99 melt-blown fabric joint, and it is better to achieve N95 or more of the same type filter, the intermediate melt-blown fabric achieve three plus non-woven two layers can achieve complete protection effect.

in addition to filter, plastic shell is mainly focus on exterior lines and security, appearance is normally you choose the basis of a silicone mask, in the choice to look after is the determination of material, plastic material is divided into different types, and the security is good material or material such as PP, PE, ABS and PC, material or proposal with PP and PE materials.

the other part is the silica gel, silica gel is fit to the main aspect of human skin, so its security environmental protection for consumers to see, can't appear any odor and impurities affect consumers use normally, so the material on choosing environmental protection more than food grade material is the necessary material preparation.

in addition silicone mask on products is conducted by the manufacturer or second high temperature curing temperature, remove the products of catalytic agent residue, ensure that products can meet ROHS and variety of the FDA's safety inspection certification, on the other hand the silicone mask catalyst is more important, so most of the products will choose to adopt platinum catalyst to achieve better performance in low temperature and effect.

the silicone part is the key but ears hang rope is the key to consumer choice, the majority of the silicone protective masks are selected with fiber cotton as the mask ear rope also have some silicone ears hang on to replace, regardless of what kind of material can achieve comfort the best material is the most effective protection articles, so on the silicone material to make soft material as far as possible to a certain comfort, in the textile line to do the most to have the good effect.

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