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by:Cupidove     2020-05-17
Our hands dressed in silica gel hand ring or bracelet, will see there is a laser mark. Silicone bracelet manufacturers use laser marking can reflect colorful color in the sun. So, laser mark the unit price cost and how much is the open mold fee? After questioning, laser mark open mold fee in 1200 - roughly Between the price of 1500 yuan. And laser label above, there is a layer of liquid silica gel to protect the laser mark, avoid the damage from the outside world. Laser marking can customize according to customer's LOGO or proofing. So the bracelet, the laser mark the unit price is how much? After questioning again, found that the laser marking is not calculated according to the single price! In that case, laser marking does not press a single price to calculate, so, silica gel hand ring laser marking of how to calculate the price?
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