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by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

in May, in the south in the summer is really coming, each to this hot summer season, we first think of is the fan, air conditioning, ice water or ice lolly, compared with general indoor than outdoor stove temperature air conditioning is the lifeline, each time back home the first thing to do is turn on the air conditioning air conditioning of the moment all the hot and dry, and in addition to these can let you tempted, ice estimates are also turning you on one of them.

speaking of ice that is about to think of the frozen ice, everyone should know, refrigerator will be equipped with such an ice box, just material is actually a hard plastic material, the thing always let a person feel bad to make, so today we will stop the ice so that how to choose.

ice is good, but has not satisfied with the total ice box, hard plastic joke it is very laborious to pry open ice, every time I take ice takes effort, even want to use the knife, so to recommend or a piece of silica gel products, the appearance of the ice tableware makes a lot of stores and family always get the praise, the main reason is that 'need not so difficult to pry ice', and in addition to pry ice and other practical functions.

the origin of the ice pattern of silica gel tableware, in Europe and the western countries in the 1990 s many people with plastic plastic daily necessities for the life, make environment severely affected, state and local governments began to strictly control the radioactive harmful chemical substances, as the life material so silicone ice mainly environmental protection as well as a variety of advantages as recognised by vast consumers in the middle of the daily necessities of life.

the silicone ice material is silicon rubber products in the daily necessities of life as the main material, its main characteristic is not conflict with any material that can be used in any environment will not be a chain reaction, so it can be reused, the material can be divided into different stages of blending as well as the level of detail, it can achieve in terms of total integrated several different levels of silicon molecular breakdown of different grade, from 500 - The effect of 1500 mesh is different, so they are also referred to as general grade silica gel, food grade and medical grade silicone and special grade silicone material.

in the ice to the use of silicone rubber is belong to the food grade silica gel, heat resistance, wear-resisting, can stretch rebound, but the important thing is it edible, so don't worry it will use what moth! And silicone ice's advantage is that it can prevent fall off, can be easily peeled off in the middle of the ice, convenient to receive more respect cleaning so when used in the summer it will become our life necessities.

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