Silica gel a new round of price increases you also have to live

by:Cupidove     2020-04-29

silica gel a new round of price increases you also have to live it

first of all, this is the two problems, one is, one by one to discuss, the silicone industry really want to have a new round of price increases? The answer is yes, recently, the silicone industry giants, Germany, and Japan the letter, many manufacturers such as the United States dow corning has issued price, gains at 10% 20%, industry news, there are a lot of medium-sized silicone products manufacturers out of business, silica gel a new round of price increases are inevitable and, therefore, don't say I with rhythm, in fact, we as a manufacturer of middle reaches of the silica gel is also don't want to see this situation, after all the downstream manufacturers are reluctant to accept price increases, and accurate information is, in the middle of June we Cupidove silicone manufacturers have to usher in a new round of price increases, the increase is in the air.

so the next question, do you carry up there? To my investigation, although not willing to accept the most downstream factory, but I still have to live in, such as some factories in the north, they are very understanding, shandong, tianjin and other cities environmental stresses the comparison of yan, is not only the silica gel, many chemical materials is going up in price, in this condition, a lot of small long collapse, and mostly accept silica gel sticker.

silicon price momentum will ease, I can only say not temporarily, not with rhythm, the need to pay more attention to the north environmental inspection situation, estimates in a short period of time will not relax, therefore, in the silica gel is about to usher in a new round of price increases, more bosses.

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