Silica gel a comprehensive understanding of the human body

by:Cupidove     2020-05-14

definition: silica gel is the human body is composed of two-component processing molding, formed by heating or at room temperature vulcanization silicone products rubber products.

properties and features: colorless or oily liquid, skin color became soft elastic material after vulcanization. And the temperature range in - 65°C - Can use for a long time under 200 ° C and keep its soft and elastic performance, excellent electric properties and chemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance, weathering resistance, no corrosion. And non-toxic tasteless.

note: this product is a platinum catalyst, water, impurities, organotin catalyst, acid, alkali and other organic sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, which can affect the adhesive curing, when using can not be mixed with or access to these materials.


1, plus molding series product is a non-dangerous goods, sealed storage, in a cool place, prevent the rain, the sun exposure.

2, and should be banned in series of products using mixed with condensation type silicone products rubber of organotin compounds, otherwise, rubber vulcanization, avoid mixed with sulfur containing phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, otherwise also can make this product sulfide sulfide incomplete or not.

use: making human organs, body shape, breast pad, shoulder pads, flexible silicone products rubber products such as mat.

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