Silica and silicon oil - What are the action of silicone rubber products

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

at the mention of chemical chemical hazardous is likely to make many friends feel restless, unsafe idea, but in fact in our life chemicals is not as much as you'd think, a lot of chemical raw materials or the use of security in our lives! 'Does not contain silicone material' estimate is your impression on television advertising more deep words, organic silicone products development in the aspect of daily life have already make up the majority of civil products, silica in the us a lot of life daily care products and silicone oil are often can see, in the product description and material that you know what it really is?

silicone oil

silicone oil for polysiloxane, belongs to the polymer. Used in cosmetics, silicone oil started in 1950 at present and is widely used in silicone rubber products, supplies and a variety of raw material supplies, since 1970 it got rapid development in the articles for daily use. Cosmetics containing silicone oil has the following characteristics: good lubrication performance, can form a layer of evenly on the skin of the waterproof protective film, no greasy feeling and oily feeling, good gloss; Good ultraviolet radiation resistance, under ultraviolet light is not the oxidation and cause skin irritation; Good antistatic performance and dustproof effect; Good permeability, after the film does not affect the sweat discharge; Good stability and chemical inertness and matching performance.

silicone oil has been unknown to play their own role, friends of the silicone oil mainly from misunderstanding in some advertising propaganda. Small make up here, however, responsible to tell you that no evidence of silicone oil to teratogenic, carcinogenic, silicone oil does not like some speculation 'clogged pores. For dry hair, and silicone oil can be attached to the gap in the hair, make hair surface becomes smooth, is far from the main is the Gospel. Feel silicone oil is particularly good, not up that claim does not contain silicone oil products?


a lot of people mentioned silica thought of stone, stone, how can be used in cosmetics? In fact we often contact in cosmetics is particle size small and uniform particle size distribution of the gas phase silica, the nano silicon dioxide high activity, wide application, in the eighteenth century has been widely used in silicone rubber, chemical products, polymer additives, and so on. In recent years, along with the increase of the understanding of the gas phase silica in the silica gel products, skin care products, sun protection, make-up, antiperspirant, hair care, bath dew, facial cleanser and other personal care products are widely used in. Especially it is better to solve the problem formula of solid particles in suspension, give the system a more excellent features, making it a high-end skin care products, liquid foundation, mascara and lip gloss products such as one of the necessary raw materials.

in particular, in the make-up and eye care, including loose poeder, foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyebrow and eye, such as gas phase silica is the efficient flow of anticaking agent and dispersing agent, can improve the storage stability and dispersion powder products. In the emulsion, silicon dioxide is especially suitable for used to improve the viscosity of the emulsion, adding cream and emulsion waterproof performance, reducing the amount of surfactant. In sunscreen products, silica can improve the storage stability, and also can improve formula of special waterproof, moreover can also make the formula of sunscreen material distribution more uniform, in order to improve the SPF.

in addition, silica as a kind of natural mineral, will also be added into many nutritional supplements, such as protein powder, capsule, etc. Its anti caking effect is through the food particles, separated, various powder to keep food in the best state of free flow. At the same time, wrapped in food particles of silica can effectively absorb the surrounding moist air, in order to prevent the food be affected with damp be affected with damp agglomerate during storage. There must be some little fairies will ask: the food intake of silicon dioxide in will have a harm to human body? Silica is official food additives (actually 《GB2760 - 2014 standards of using food additives) As inhibition agent, the amount of silica is very small, so there don't have to worry about side effects.

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both silicone oil, silica, as for many years by a formula recognition of basic raw materials, correct use, their safety, no doubt. So friends when screening products starting from the composition is a good thing, but also want to polish eyes, for these were stigmatized 'honest', we must also them a clean.

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