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by:Cupidove     2020-04-29
Many customers may know may also don't know, silicone products material products, is there will be a shrink. Heat bilges cold shrink, believes that many people know. However, not all the material of products, products of different materials have different degrees of shrink range. For other materials, I am not a professional also not too clear, but at least in the silica gel hand ring factory work, for the silicone products bracelets, I still know a little. 210 mm to the length of the silica gel hand ring, after hot pressing molding, will become 209, 208, 207 mm, the largest shrink range will reduce up to 3 mm, at least 1 mm. Is this why? Unknown principle of some customers will certainly asked! Heat bilges cold shrink is one of the most able to answer the question. We are in the midst of daily cooking, eggs in conventional high temperature, will slowly become larger. Fried eggs after cooling, will gradually become smaller, this is a good principle of heat bilges cold shrink. That is why bracelet will have a certain amount of shrinkage.
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