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by:Cupidove     2020-08-18

for many enterprises to find a good supplier is one thing, everyone in purchasing vision of a domestic mask industry took nearly period of time, want to find a high quality of protective material manufacturer to become a difficult problem, many intermediaries, pour goods people make a lot of gold Lord vertigo, want to find a supplier of a mask the problem of the industry, but then again, are of the same issue in every industry, silicon industry is no exception, so to popular science today for you about how to find good quality of silicone rubber products co. , LTD. !

manufacturer and trading company, the biggest difference is that the entity, the entity is a reassure your steadfast, so at present in the phenomenon is that a good factory introduced by word of mouth and friends, and can find gold traders on strategy of the Lord, in the pearl river delta region silicone products industry has a huge industrial chain, majority of silicone rubber products manufacturer in shenzhen, many look for organic silicone products will be asked to shenzhen area, and besides shenzhen dongguan city and surrounding areas, and the silica gel products factory dongguan good, you want to know?

in recent years many silicone rubber products production enterprises and related manufacturers are majority is not the equipment is given priority to, but lies in the complete supporting facilities and qualification and brand publicity, many current silicon processing factory belong to a single production, for a complete product production and processing of silicon without supporting facilities of the whole process, such as product of the printing or coating and surface treatment and so on all need to outward processing, the change of process and product of the overall reaction could not reach the requirements of a large company, so also let a lot of high quality gold master find processing factory

at present a lot of facilities is mainly composed of silica gel factory subject, moulded or make separate liquid as well as the extrusion and so on several process, and there are few factories will die room, solid state processing, liquid processing, spraying, printing, laser carving, stitching and assembly process as a whole, the main reason is because of the lack of cost control and process, and have such a complete supporting facilities of the silica gel processing plants tend to have certain barriers to requirements, so now to many companies as the main production equipment, surface treatment of combination of form a complete set, using less of some neighboring outside processing craft, so what do you want to find a full set of processing plant, really hard to like you of meaning!

now our facilities at present there are 20 sets of silicone rubber mold equipment, the main supporting three liquid injection molding equipment, mold room CNC4 machines, 2 edm machines, automatic spraying line 1, pad printing processing equipment 20, 40 sets of plastic injection molding equipment, multicolor drops of glue and 40 sets of equipment, extrusion line 1, calendering coating equipment, the whole process for the majority of silica gel products processing no problem, for the part of the peripheral providers have long-term close cooperation, for the entire product corresponding speed or fully able to achieve the results you want!

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