Show you know the main silicone rubber products synthetic material, Silica]

by:Cupidove     2020-08-26

the silicone molding process over and say so many, to refine the silicone products raw materials synthesis had to understand, in the chemical industry, solid silicone rubber composite refining structure words can calculate on technical issues, in the past years technical not mature enough, silicone rubber products technology beginning still can not meet the technical requirements for certain customers consumer and organic silicon technology development in recent years has spread any industry and front-end products to market, so as a consumer you should also to understand the synthesis of silicone rubber fixed-line!

raw material used in the silicone rubber products factory belongs to curing type solid rubber, organic silicon materials and in addition to the siloxane and silica also need to add the silicone several reinforcing agent, such as its main ingredients or white carbon black make up most of the reinforcing agent, so you use any silica gel products it is the main component of sio2 is the white carbon black, white carbon black can be divided into two kinds of different, meteorology act and to be a law of combined structure. Meteorological method is to use silicon tetrachloride and air combustion and reach, high silicon molecular density of fine particle dispersion, as a rule is used after joining sulfuric acid make precipitate silica in sodium silicate. Density is scarce, silicon molecular dispersion is poor, both its don't, that is, the gas phase adhesive and the distinction between ordinary silicon rubber!

a lot of play chemical's friends know, organic silicon, silicon rubber belongs to the solidification structure, and white carbon black is the main composition, composition is mainly composed of white carbon black with small molecular weight silicone compound auxiliary reinforcing agent and curing, and reinforcing agent silica is one of the most commonly used reinforcing agent of organic silicon, in fixed after molding silicon rubber products, electrolytic intensity and environment temperature, mechanical strength fitness are there is a certain relationship with reinforcing agent added.

and silicone products manufacturer on the products they use is solid silicon rubber, which in addition to the synthesis of silicone raw materials, still need to be carried out in accordance with the proportion of adding curing agent and curing to get finished product, process is not so easy as you think, said there is a kind of weak reinforcing agent, also known as inert filler, abstraction of the silica gel has certain reinforcing effect, and the integration of white carbon black of silicone rubber hardness, toughness, tensile stretch springback and oil resistance, resistance to soluble and so on to improve process performance of the rubber, reduce costs, mainly divided into diatomite, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, quartz powder, zirconium silicate, calcium carbonate, etc, it is time for have this gap lies in the quality of the products and rubber products for different!

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