Shenzhen tearing tensile liquid silicone mold silicone manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-05-04

shenzhen tearing tensile liquid silicone mold silicone manufacturer

shenzhen mold silicone manufacturers Cupidove silica gel for shenzhen Cupidove silicone co. , LTD. , is a company specializing in the production of liquid silicone manufacturer, is a production, sales and after-sale technical guidance is equal to an integrated company, founded in 21 years, began to introduce the foreign production technology and equipment, mainly to mold the silicone, after decades of continuous improvement, now has become an international integrated company, have mould silica gel, silica gel, the platinum silicone products of environmental protection, electronic potting glue, pad printing silicone, rubber coated trademark, rubber injection molding, etc. ,

my company main products is mold silicone, including brick carvings, such as culture stone building cement products mold silicone, delicate resin handicraft mold silicone, gesso line mold silicone, the prototype of the foundry mold silicone, high temperature resistant mold silicone, candy, chocolate and other food mold silicone, each product has different models of silicone mold, tearing tensile performance is good, die more resistant to ageing, long service life.

at present, our company 6 series mold silicone tear resistance to 25 points above, tensile eight points, resistance to high temperature of 200 degrees, not easy ageing, hardness is adjustable, is a popular mold silicone, exported to foreign markets, the widely acclaimed, friends can try to use the mold silicone, at the same time, we also accept customized moulds, there are need to customize mould can also find us, our company has complete mold making video, 0 basis can operate,

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