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by:Cupidove     2020-05-03
When consumer is choosing the adult toys supplies, can't just look at the price factors, more important is the quality control aspect. Cupidove as a powerful shenzhen adult toys supplies manufacturers on the market, it is necessary to tell you very much, adult supplies some related knowledge, the following will mainly introduce you to everybody. 1. Chaos of the raw materials? The adult products on the market, not all of them are the raw materials of silica gel. Silica gel as a raw material of environmental protection, has been widely applied to the sex toy industry. However, the high quality silica gel raw material, basically rely on imports, and its raw material price is higher also. What are on the market promotion of platinum silicone products, medical grade silicone products, can is a ordinary silica gel has been very good. Not to mention the general merchants to sell plastic as silica gel, it is misleading to consumers! 2. What is the silica gel? Silica gel in baidu encyclopedia has introduced in detail, and its chemical stability degree, also really good, and non-toxic tasteless! 3. If, what consumer smell a smell, silica gel can tell you is that not the flavor of the silicone products raw materials. But the products in molding process, add the vulcanizing agent produced. supplies manufacturers, it is possible to save some cost, procurement of relish vulcanizing agent, reduce the product cost, but this has harmed the consumers in the process of using the product, difficult to accept to use adult supplies, really a little not too honest! 4. The details of the surface quality. The problem, there are many aspects. Such as product of miscellaneous points, stains, bad points, etc. And products such as flash, feel, etc. In short, the choice of the adult toys supplies, both to change treatment, also want to rational resolution!
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