Shenzhen liquid silicone manufacturers

by:Cupidove     2020-05-04

shenzhen liquid silicone manufacturers

shenzhen Cupidove silicone co. , LTD. Is a 20 years of liquid silicone manufacturers, is the domestic silicone industry brands, our company has been support online transactions, no middlemen, geared to the needs of global direct manufacturers, the company mainly produces condensation type mold silicone, environmental protection silicone products molding, silica gel, electronic potting glue, pad printing silicone, rubber coated trademark etc. Product performance is stable, mature technology, suitable for long-term cooperation, is a trustworthy partner, the company's products 60% export abroad, southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, 40% of domestic sales, as far as xinjiang, gansu province, northeast China, shandong, sales have been very stable, there is a need for silicone raw materials manufacturers can choose Cupidove silicone products factory. Trustworthy

Hongkong Cupid Limited specializes in undertaking corporate offers to cater the needs of different companies.
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Hongkong Cupid Limited is the best manufacturer which has rich experience on manufacturing.
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