Shenzhen Cupidove share: women welfare, high quality silica gel raw material - New silicate, effectively prevent breast prolapse

by:Cupidove     2020-05-04

shenzhen Cupidove sharing: women welfare, high quality silica gel raw material - New silicate, effectively prevent breast prolapse

all the beauty of women see come over, shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. With the high quality silica gel raw material - New silicate, this material is suitable for breast augmentation surgery, and after many effective verification, effectively prevent breast augmentation surgery breast prolapse.

Israel biomedical engineers have developed a new silicate material, can be used for breast implants.

this material is made up, a lot silicate ball than conventional implant breast augmentation plastic surgery used silica gel thirty percent lighter. The new material can effectively prevent the traditional breast implants breast prolapse.

the inventor Dael Govrin said: 'the breast implants since 1962 for breast implants, there is no change, nor try to get the implants become more light. As far as we know, generally 10 to 15 years after breast augmentation to replace filled with silica gel. Several years after breast augmentation, as the silica gel is overweight women's breasts will start to sag. In order to keep the good breast appearance, women often will only put two or three piece of silica gel. We think it is very important to implant as light as possible. '

traditional implant average weight than normal breast slightly. The weight of the new material only two-thirds of traditional materials.

the existing 40 Israeli women are using the new silicone material has carried on the breast cosmetic breast implants. Said ms postoperative reaction basically notice it's there.

the inventor's brother is Israel a plastic surgeon. Postoperative women, he said, well, all said filler is lighter than your breasts. Lighter implants let a female breast looks very natural.

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