Shenzhen adult supplies manufacturers industry analysis and development prospects

by:Cupidove     2020-03-23
Shenzhen adult supplies manufacturers industry analysis and development prospect of time: 2020 - 03 - Source: author: reading: every man used a condom, every woman may have the experience of contraception, actually from our contact almost inevitable when they began to use adult supplies. Citizens of our country average life is more than 70 years old, there are more than 60% of the time, 45 years) May be used to this kind of goods, this is a huge market. If let people really know and understand adult supplies, at the same time can provide services under the premise to protect the privacy of consumers, the market will be amazing. And gradually open people's minds right now, when it comes to adult products have passed or sex toys is color change. As people living standard rise, and the pursuit of sexual life, adult supplies has become a fast-growing market, according to the survey, sexual health supplies market is growing at an annual rate of very large amplitude and, sexual health supplies market will keep high speed development in twenty years at least. That is why more and more businesses, also took aim at the the a piece of fat. Product is market demand analysis: family planning supplies, family planning supplies is a major consumer groups, mainly young men and women under the age of 30, 80% of people need. Adult toys: 5. More than 95% of the couples sexual supplies can enhance sexual interest, feelings more harmonious, with use of family harmony. Sex toys: among those who buy sex toys, there are more than 60% are women. Its function design is most are for women. Shenzhen sex toy sex toys factory: usually refers to the chivalrous imitation of real things, and now the sex toys are more general, including perfume, nightclubs clothing, abstract appliance, etc. Series of products have fashionable feeling revealed savour. Sex toys market scale compound annual growth rate as high as 70%. Now and in the next five years, for the explosive growth of the market, according to the durex sex, according to a survey in Europe and the United States has 40% of the school-age population to use sex toys, this means that in the next few years, sex toys will be commodities, and no longer is a few people use the special products. The limitations of traditional adult supplies market: 1, more than 95% of sex shops are in the local stock, stock prices and items are subject to a lot of limitations. 2, adult supplies is a kind of special commodity, people are also more taboo like to buy an ordinary everyday items to choose to buy it. 3, traditional businesses DengKeShangMen after basic it is open a shop, not in marketing, buy a lot of potential customers is due to feel not convenient or embarrassed went to the store to choose to give up, and the Internet more than 80% of adults in the crowd. Network of an opportunity for adult products: 1, online shopping climate formation, the development of the adult products industry to take off and laid a solid foundation, the demand for adult supplies have merchants and ashamed to go to a traditional entity to buy shopping offers a great opportunity of illicit close space, satisfy the demand, also won't leak any privacy. 2, the popularity of mobile phone shops, may have old friends at home, or in the office next to a colleague, even online shopping, may browse or will have scruples, but mobile phone shopping just gives people enough privacy protection. Let for adult supplies have demand anytime you can without any pressure to buy the product. To learn more about this knowledge, shenzhen boring article will continue to share sex toys production & ndash; — Interesting product company in order to promote an open, innovation, prosperous & other; Happiness & throughout; The ecological system as the goal, to consumers, businesses and all mankind & other; Happiness & throughout; Make a difference.
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