Shandong province mold silicone production factory direct sale

by:Cupidove     2020-05-10

shandong mold silicone production factory direct sale

shandong mold silicone production factory mainly produces silicone rubber, RTV - 2 mold silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber and liquid silicone, silicone products rubber, silicon likang, pad printing silicone, rubber pad printing paste, arts and crafts with silicone rubber, hand-board model design special silicon, liquid silicone rubber molding, food-grade silicone, shoes mold silicone, electronic potting glue, silica gel, trademark plastic and leather embossed plastic, rubber, tire special die coating silicone, silicone oil, silicone oil, heat conduction electronic adhesive, LED display special silicon, bronzing silicone plate, lead and zinc alloy processing silicone, rubber disk, HTV glue, electronic silica gel, and so on the many kinds of silica gel, is a large-scale comprehensive silicone manufacturers. Company headquarters is located in shenzhen, facing the global direct selling silicone, have a need to know about the silicone can seek advice.

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