Seven items - that should be paid attention to production of silicone products Shenzhen Cupidove silicone products co. , LTD

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03
The materials properties of silica gel, determines its environmental protection, silica gel products factory in shenzhen is mostly agree with this view. This is because the silica gel products factory of the silicone products raw materials used in the molecular structure of the silica gel, even if buried in the ground, after decades of hand, will still be dismantled, and become organic material, so the silicone is also called organic silica gel. Silica gel and can be regenerated, and repeated use, it is a benign materials circulation industry. Like silicone cell phone sets manufacturers in the production of silicone mobile phone sets, use of glue materials and solid materials, also can be recycled. Here say, silicone raw materials for the seven characteristics: 1, the viscosity of raw materials. The viscosity of raw materials, determines the silica gel products factory in the production of silicone products finished softness. 2, the hardness of raw materials. Hardness of itself, is a way to make product. material hardness, you need good product itself taken into account by its designer mainly use for what. And silica gel products factory in shenzhen will be prior consideration of the use of the product, so need to order what hardness of materials. Shenzhen silicone bracelet factory 3, the tensile strength of the product. Tensile strength refers to cause a piece of rubber sample torn on the scope of each unit of force required, like shenzhen silicone bracelet manufacturer production of silicone hand ring, usually testing tensile strength. 4, tear strength of the product. Usually, we will see in the toy industry, will have a special for this type of tear test. Like silicone products toys with baby, and baby general inertia will tear the hands of toys, in order to avoid eating, this is a kind of silicone knowledge. 5, shrinkage rate. Shrinkage is silica gel products factory in the production of silicone products in shenzhen, an important factor to consider for the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, cause the size of the product after cooling, a change to happen, i. e. , appearance size compared to how much draft plans have been shrinking or swelling. The silicone products mobile phone sets of 6, product elongation. Refers to & other; Limit rupture elongation & throughout; Or when the sample fracture relative to the length of the original growth by percentage. Different processing methods and the selection of curing agent can greatly change the elongation, elongation and temperature of the silicone has a lot to do. 7, product vulcanization time. Some silicone products factory can cure time. Products need after vulcanization time, product molding.
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