Science the physical properties of silicone rubber material Life and efficiency mainly depends on what to support

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

in the silicone products of industry products of physical strength determines its life and the functional one, for a lot of friends, the silica gel products hard softness, stretching the springback choice is a problem that is difficult to identify, don't know whether the product is up to standard, and the intensity of physical changes affect the whole functions, leading to product quality and life of the affected, so for the physical strength of silica gel, you have to know how many?

formulas and the relationship between the various physical properties is important: all kinds of silicone rubber products has its particular make useful properties and technological requirements. In order to satisfy its physical property requirements need to choose the most suitable polymer and compound reasonable formula design must first understand the formula design and the physical properties of vulcanized silicone rubber. The physical properties of the vulcanized silicone rubber has close relationship with the design of the formula, the formula of chosen material varieties, dosage of different produce differences in performance.

a, tensile strength,

the tensile strength of silicone rubber products to resist tensile damage ability of root restriction. It is one of the important indicators of a silicone rubber products. The life of many silicone products are directly related to the tensile strength. Such as conveyor belt cover glue, silica gel cushioning persistence is increase with the increase of tensile strength. Tensile strength is related to the structure of the rubber, the quantity is small, the intermolecular interaction second health price will be smaller. So in the external force is greater than the molecular interactions, it can produce sliding between the molecules and make the material damage. Whereas large molecular weight, increase of intermolecular forces, cohesion of the rubber increased, stretching, chain is not easy to slide, extent of damage of materials is small. Other factors influence the molecular inter-atomic forces are influential to the tensile strength

. General silicone rubber with the higher crystallinity and tensile strength increased, the tensile strength is also the root temperature, high temperature tensile strength is much lower than the tensile strength at room temperature. Crosslinking density on tensile strength of root, with the increase of crosslinking density, tensile strength increased, after a maximum continue to increase the crosslink density, tensile strength decline substantially. The tensile strength of the vulcanization silicone products and decreased as the cross-linking bond energy. Can produce tensile crystallization of silicon rubber, weak bond early fracture, is conducive to the health the orientation of crystallization, so there will be a high tensile strength. Through the vulcanization system, USES the sulfide, choice and promoter.

2, tear strength,

a tear of the silicone rubber was due to the crack or rupture stress in the material rapidly expanding crack and causing damage to the phenomenon. Tear strength have no direct relationship with the drawing. In many cases, tear is out of step with stretching is. In general, crystalline silicon rubber is higher than non-crystalline rubber tearing is strong. Tear strength is related to temperature, tear strength under high temperature were obviously decreased. Carbon black, white carbon black filled the tear strength of silicone has obviously improved. Tear strength related to the vulcanization system. Sulphur keys have higher tear strength. The dosage of sulfur high tear strength. But too much sulfur amount of tear strength will decrease dramatically. Use the flatness good promoter is helpful to improve the tear strength. Tear strength related to the filling system, all kinds of reinforcing filler such as, carbon black, silica, Bai Yanhua, zinc oxide, etc. , high tear strength. Some cassia silane coupling agent can improve the tear strength. Usually add softener can make tear strength decreased. Such as paraffin oil can make the tear strength of styrene butadiene rubber. The aromatic oil changed little.

three, stretch stress and hardness

stretch stress and hardness is silica gel, material stiffness of the important indicators, is needed to produce certain deformation force, vulcanized rubber is associated with greater tensile deformation, the correlation is good, basic one to change rule, the higher the molecular weight of silicone rubber, effective crosslinking and the greater the stress. In order to get the rules of stretching stress, can improve the appropriate molecular weight smaller rubber crosslinking density. Factors that can increase the structure of molecular inter-atomic forces, can improve the network los resistance to deformation ability of vulcanizates,

is usually based on the vulcanizing agent, promoter, curing agent, surfactant and other varieties of adjustment. Sulfur promote to improve the effect of fixed stretch stress are more significant. Sulfur health improve fixed stress. Fillers can improve stretch stress, hardness of the product. Reinforcing the higher performance, hardness is higher, and the higher the stress. Stretch stress increased with the increase of hardness, the increase of filling is higher. Instead of the softener, reduce hardness, stress drop. In addition to increasing reinforcing agent and using alkyl phenolic resin hardness can reach 95 degrees, high styrene resin. Using RS resin, accelerator H hardness can be up to 85 degrees and system and so on.

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