Say goodbye to silicone products _ to 2016

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

time is a good thing but it is not a good thing, also 16 years or more quickly in the winter of already feel a little cold feeling, suddenly feel the street coming and going of people appear to be in a hurry, as if also in for my work this year to make a final sprint, silicone products manufacturer, of course, is no exception, the arrangement of the recently doing one year, from the point of the silicone industry market this year, 2016 is not a good one million head for many manufacturers can also is a kind of test, at the end of the year began to market changes, competition in the crowded, products in technological innovation, product price suppression, and so on are affected by severe, and close to the end of each year, I don't know how many friends have insist, don't know how many companies fell on the road.

from the start of this year has been walking gently become more outstanding, sometimes from June began to get the acceptance of new and old customers and trust plus silicone products manufacturer has been unremitting efforts to provide customers with first-class quality and speed, quality and after-sales service, according to the small make up personal observations, recently we project do 'customer reflect, at once the door handle, mold need to repair, the first site to check the maintenance, even the sample is not far away personally delivery' so near the end of October to get old and new customers to introduce each other, let our company is now more busy.

with the increasing of customers and orders, the company's boss and hereby emphasized not dozen not ready to battle the meeting, also for the customer to exert more power for themselves, for the product quality, delivery, service and so on all do the best, strive for in this year for each customer the best impression, with particular emphasis on arms do in details. Pick up the flame is high, as the saying goes: all the people lazy, to be difficult. So both silica gel products industry and other industries, hand in hand advance together, work together to not go bad tomorrow! Dongguan city,

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