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by:Cupidove     2020-09-16

when it comes to bad problems in silicone products industry has been indulging product performance factor, the flexibility of silicone material for rubber and plastic industry say that located in the forefront of rubber and plastic industry, many industries products requires an accurate parameter to evaluate the performance of the product, such as steel, is needs to see the hardness of material, fabric is to look at the fiber thickness, and silicone raw materials is the product of density and finished products mainly product hard softness, tensile strength, tear strength, and so on! So from the above products raw materials to hold the source of the product structure emphasis, solved from emphasis unnecessary trouble.

of course a promotion on the market of silicone products from raw materials to finished products need to pass many working procedure, and so on bad product phenomenon in addition to the source is also matters in the link of other processes, after each working procedure of check processing and can become a finished product that is the key to product, such as our manufacturer of silicone rubber bands, the phenomenon of bad often could be pull litre degree of toughness is not good enough, also may be a little deformation phenomenon will affect the quality of your goods, sundry phenomenon has become the common adverse phenomenon in our this product, and the quality of the suppliers quality above shows the problem!

is for the product should also be strictly controlled. The silica gel products compare with common adverse phenomenon, the product is too dirty, causing reasons whether raw material clean raw materials suppliers, manufacturers cut rubber mixing rubber and when the machine is clean, molding machine mould it is clean and so on, for the product is too dirty, manufacturer in silicone rubber bands of each link is a need to pay attention to, so many suppliers to clean production, products appear bubble phenomenon, on the molding process, lead to undesirable phenomenon but several phenomenon cause, time control, temperature control, the design of the mould and so on!

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