Rolling the silicone products, silicone cloth! How much do you know the process technology.

by:Cupidove     2020-09-03

words every industry has the depth of the industry, when you are in addicted to do a small project, assembly of estimates have been made you can't even think about coming out of the big technology, as a member of the organic silicon industry segment, also did not understand a lot of processing methods and process of the industry, and as a consumer or customer you estimate would be much didn't think of other processing methods. Are just like in the hot rolling process, if not heard estimates that a lot of friends also don't know will have this kind of silica gel products processing factory!

estimates are familiar with, mold and injection molding silicone articles for many grotesque products both process is not the problem, can make different shapes and different hole groove, etc. , and a lot of friends want to do large, adhesive other materials and all kinds of printing, and so on, then the rolling process can take to work well, it can do the silicone shall coil made into film, cut to size, and feet inch length up to hundreds of meters! So there are a lot of silica gel products when the mold and injection molding silicone products manufacturer when the machine can't do a lot with rolling process have a try!

silicone calendering process main is the same size of the roll gap between extrusion and thickness depends on the thickness of the machine two rollers degrees, can be directly forming for the pure silica gel sheet rolls, and then add the printing, add laminating, textile and other substances can be done in the thinnest 0. 3 or so, the most can reach about 10 mm thick, used for rolling of adhesive material must be correct control trans degree, because the thickness of the silicone cloth degrees are generally not very thick and continuous, so the excessive smelting is likely to cause glue roller, rubber formula is also very important use different products use different reinforcing fillers have different result!

so the interlaced like the hills is such, although the process based on rolling silicon sheet already very mature, but for now the silicone calendering process also is not very outstanding, many consumers still do not know the origin of the silicone rolling process completely, but more than that didn't get the attention of the masses, a process, there are so many processing methods and production methods also didn't get completely dig!

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