Rolling over more mold silicone resin arts and crafts

by:Cupidove     2020-04-26

rolling over more resin handicraft mold silicone

rolling over more resin handicraft mold silicone: belongs to the condensation type two-component RTV silicone rubber species composition, consists of two components, the basic material is made based polymer and filler as the main distribution, and can contain crosslinking agent; Second vulcanizing agent by the proportion of catalyst and crosslinking agent is given priority to, on average, mixing, placed in room temperature can be vulcanized elastomer. Special resin handicraft as the common type of condensation RTV silicone rubber, silicone rubber and has higher heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, durability and resistance to chemical, physical function well.

actual resin handicraft mold silicone rubber was originally the condensed type curing two-component RTV silicone principle is what? Resin handicraft mold rubber vulcanization process is in the presence of catalyst, at the end of the base polymer molecular chain molecules of the whole carboxyl hydrolysis of condensation crosslinking reaction. Including lip condensation crosslinking, decarboxylation condensation crosslinking, dehydrogenation condensation crosslinking and shrink condensation crosslinking. For the preparation of the vulcanizing agent, resin handicraft mold silicone products vulcanizing agent is usually are ethyl silicate and their departments hydrolytic condensation product as the cement, mixed in certain proportion, and cooperate with other additives.

if you want the resin handicraft made of mold silicone rubber product quality is better, so at the early stage of the production process in addition to condensation type bicomponent RTV silicone rubber to do all kinds of preparation. Even in the later, wary of the curing agent, silicone oil and reaction time to master:

1 as curing agent and silica gel added to weigh such as example, to prevent the production process of curing is not on the average;

2 silicone oil will be broken colloid ( The silicone resin handicraft special die) Silicon molecules, so adding proportion will strictly scale;

3 reaction time grasp, like a vacuum processing time not more than 3 minutes, resin handicraft mold silicone products, should also be timely release after 3 minutes. Otherwise it will cause burning film phenomenon. In this way can we guarantee the resin handicraft model to the silicone mold number, and will not reduce the phenomenon on the service life.

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rolling over more resin handicraft mold silicone use description:

used for resin handicraft, gesso line, furniture decoration industry, process operating industry, building decoration industry, character copy, unsaturated resin process operating industry, candle torch process, the plastic toy industry, gift stationery industry, gypsum fuck craft gift industry, mold manufacturing, polly industry products, simulation plants and animals sculpture, Buddha carving handicraft product of A variety of industries such as replication and mold production.

resin handicraft mold silicone feature:

1) activity, moderate viscosity manipulate easily, can be used to brush model manipulation, save mould manufacturing capital.

(2) small shrinkage, products, according to the requirement of mould is still can keep the original size, no variant, can be repeatedly used without difference.

(3) the silicone tension, easy mold release

(4) the hardness of the silicone products is suitable for large european-style building, cement, building materials, Roman column, using plaster sculpture arts and crafts.

(5) large european-style building, cement, building materials, Roman column, plaster sculpture handicraft generic model more special silicon, long service life, resistant to acid and alkali resistant to ageing.

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rolling over more resin handicraft mold silicone

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