Resistance to high temperature and high transparent electronic potting glue, environmental protection silicone manufacturers

by:Cupidove     2020-04-26

high temperature resistant high transparent electronic potting glue, environmental protection silicone manufacturer

electronic potting glue is a kind of applied to seal used in electronic components, mainly do with protection, usually have, waterproof, earthquake resistant, flame retardant, but also has the effect of thermal conductivity, can be done in our electronic potting glue, high transparency, hardness, good toughness, not easy tear, can satisfy the needs of users. A,

typical application

- Precision electronic components

- Transparency and recovery to demand higher module power supply and circuit board potting protection

2, product characteristics and application

HY 9325 is a low viscosity adhesive gel transparent bicomponent molding silicone potting glue, can be solidified at room temperature, can also heat curing, has the characteristics of the faster the higher curing temperature. This product does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction, can be applied to the PC ( 聚- 碳酸盐岩) , PP, ABS, PVC and other material and the surface of the metals. Apply to electronic accessories insulation, waterproof and fixed. Full compliance with the eu ROHS directive requirements.

4, the use of technology:

1. Before mixing, first of all, the part A and part B in the respective container fully stir well.

2。 Mix, shall abide by the part A: B = 1:1 weight ratio.

3。 HY 9325 when used according to the need for deaeration. Can mix A and B, the mixture evenly into the vacuum container, after in - 0. 08 mpa deaeration under 5 minutes, perfusion can be used.

4。 Must be cured in technical parameters before and after the temperature given in the table above, keep the corresponding curing time, if the thickness is thicker, curing time may be over. At room temperature or heat curing. Rubber because of the influence of curing temperature, curing speed of the winter should be a long time to cure, recommended heating mode curing, curing under 80 ~ 100 ℃ for 20 minutes, usually takes 8 hours under room temperature curing.

! ! Curing, the following material may hinder the product or not curing occur, so, after the validation check is easy application, when necessary, the need to wash application area.

。 。 Not completely cured condensation type silicone products

. 。 Amine ( amine) Type of epoxy resin

. 。 Pewter welding processing ( 削价出售流量)

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