Resistance to acid and alkali and molding silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-26

acid and alkali resistance and molding silicone

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low resistance to acid and alkali and molding silicone products introduction

, HY - E640 is a two-component silicone molding material, also can heat curing at room temperature curing.

low resistance to acid and alkali and molding silicone products feature

, low shrinkage rate, not emit low molecular crosslinking process, so the volume, shrinkage rate is less than 0. 1%

, without being limited by the thickness of the product, the depth of the curing

has excellent resistance to high temperature, the temperature can reach 300 - 500

food-grade, avirulent insipidity, through the FDA food grade certification

, high tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more

, good liquidity, easy perfusion; Can room temperature curing and heat curing, easy to operate

low resistance to acid and alkali and molding silicone with path

used to molding, casting epoxy resin, PU materials, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl, paraffin wax, bulk cement component, culture stone, concrete, etc. , also used in metal crafts, alloy car, such as precision mold manufacturing, food-grade mold manufacture and so on.

low resistance to acid and alkali and molding silicone use method and matters needing attention

, A, B two weight 1:1 mixing, after vacuum deaeration water. At room temperature ( 28 degrees) Operating time 30 minutes, 4 - 5 hours curing completely; Heat up 60 - 120 degrees, can be completely cured at dozens of minutes.

when operating and used condensation silicone container apart, want to use unused room temperature silicone tool operation the silica gel.

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