Resin handicraft do what silicone mold

by:Cupidove     2020-05-06

resin handicraft do what silicone products mold

resin handicraft should choose moderate hardness, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, low shrinkage rate of the mold silicone products, mold and silicone products resin handicraft USES very wide below specific introduction of such a mold silicone.

resin handicraft mold rubber use:

is mainly used in toys, craft gifts, decorative pattern fine products, BaoMo, filling mold products, POLI handicraft, resin handicraft, lamp act the role ofing, candles and other crafts of the complex mode and precision mold manufacturing.

resin handicraft mould plastic characteristics:

handicraft model to silica gel, excellent liquidity, good operability, deformation, high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, not inflation, good tensile and tear strength, rolling over more, can be repeatedly used, suitable for medium products, handicrafts, precision small or complex pattern and easy mold release, shrinkage rate less than or equal to two over one thousand.

resin handicraft mold plastic operation:

there are three kinds of silicone mold cavity mode: BaoMo, rinse, perfusion model.

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