Resin crystal diamond die with transparent mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-05-06

resin crystal diamond rolling over with the transparent mold silicone

resin diamond rolling over the use of silicone demand is higher, its main characteristic is high transparency. Cupidove silicone production factory production of silica gel for 20 years, and constantly develop new products, is a breakthrough on resin drill category mold,

according to the characteristics of crystal resin handicraft and features the company launched a special silicone used in the production of crystal products. The silica gel is a two-component, transparent liquid, high strength, high transparent, high tear resistance, soft, strong sticky relay, little shrinkage, ≤0. 1%) ; Operation time can be 5 hours of new crystal silicon rubber. Is now widely used in the special die crystal resin handicraft molding silicone products; It has good iuster, use the silica gel crystal resin to produce crystal products smooth surface ( Jie) No fuzzy, crystal surfaces ( Fog) Phenomenon, there is no water lines or other lines, tension, rolling over more, corrosion resistance and other performance; For very complex shape and luxury crystal resin handicraft or high precision of the model and so on industry.

1。 Suitable for any complicated with reverse mould size crystal statue.

2。 Provides high quality silicone products intermediate hardness, very suitable for model big size object.

3。 Due to the fast hardening time, production time can be reduced greatly, greatly improve production effectiveness.

4。 Has great stretching amplitude, the complex mode when it is not easy to tear or breakage.

5。 Resistance to high temperature produced during the inverted crystal glue, so the model to the number of one or several times more than ordinary silica gel can be.

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