Rare process of silicone rubber products, drying grain processing method explanation!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

silica gel products add a lot of time on some surface appearance treatment often can give the selling point of bring more opportunities, such as product to add different color LOGO design and stereo effect pattern above, etc. , and most of us know the design to the processing method, screen printing, double color molding and drops of gel pad printing, etc. , and the product appearance treatment texture is very few, for the surface of silica gel products texture technology do you understand?

silica gel texture mainly increase the purpose of the silica gel texture, appearance of the product is present a more diversified products, such as product surface needs multiple sawtooth shape and bit pattern and more shape and so on all can be achieved by texture technology, it also belongs to a kind of common surface treatment process, main process can make direct molding on mould can reach the effect, mold drying grain is also called the mold texture, mold etch and mold etching, rich because of its low process cost, effect, high speed and is more widely used.

and it also can achieve product other effects, such as fog, pattern LGLO font, and texture, etc. , its main principle by chemicals such as sulfuric acid nitric acid alkali steel mould surface produces chemical reaction, and silicon mold manufacturers need to do is to control the combination reaction degree to achieve the effect of different operation, it can also prevent mold shrinkage, and the shortcomings of the moulding line, and silicone rubber products after drying grain mold can increase the surface strength of silicone can be appropriate!

for silicone products texture process, the processing difficulty in size and the design of the product structure and mold steel, such as the surface of the silica gel products too, craft process route is long, area is large, so complicated some lines, it is hard to achieve it, and die steel has sand hole, material appeared gradient leads to processing the product enough height inequality.

in addition to the silicone products, hard to avoid in our life can see all kinds of products used texture technology, it can make us a lot of product upgrades can take more shots, at the same time, all kinds of products in the texture pattern can be up to all kinds of, this also can realize the texture process and the general effect in the hands of consumers have what kind of effect!

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