Protective seal - the difference between a family Where is the advantage that TPE with silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-09-10

waterproof sealing ring is anywhere we could use a kind of parts and components, it is mainly used in life, household appliances, daily necessities of life, such as temperature, hot kettle, crisper, electric rice cooker, oven, water machine, water heater and so on waterproof sealing, and as our common material is silicone seal ring, but with the development and popularity of the sealing ring, the TPE material also gradually began to seal protective material, the silica gel seal with TPE seals exactly where the difference is that?

TPE seal material products are divided into oil and the oil resistant, oil resistant resistant to toluene, gasoline, oil, alcohol, etc. , product flexibility good resistant to compression deformation, and the other can and PP glue!


1, the performance advantage: - Excellent flexibility, oil resistant, weather resistance, ageing resistance, resistance to flexure, ozone and chemical performance.

2, processing advantages: - Plastic processing methods: injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, processing is simple, can be heat welding, tolerance of small, high precision, color is rich.

3, industrial progress: compared with rubber processing saves mixing, mixer and vulcanization process, reduce the energy consumption, consumption and environmental damage.

4, at the same time, the waste can be 100% recycled, greatly reduce the processing cost, at present has become the latest instead of the traditional rubber material, but also the latest environmental protection material.

to return to the beginning of the problem, can do it instead of silicone rubber sealing ring TPE? It depends on what the industry and the environment, if it is a common architecture, door seal, mechanical and other industries can be commonly. Automotive or EPDM and TPV. If it is need to heat, non-toxic tasteless, has good tensile ductility degree that still choose silicone seal.

the silicone material is currently recognized in daily necessities of life with our long-term contact and meet a kind of avirulent environmental protection material, so it is often used in many household appliances seals can achieve different level of certification testing, and silicone rubber seal it with rubber and TPE material is the biggest difference lies in the thermal effect and environmental effect and the effect of tensile ductility.


1, after modulation formula, the tensile strength of up to 1500 psi and tear resistance up to 88 LBS.

2, to neutral solvent has good resistance, good elasticity and good compression slanting.

3, silicone can miscibility and does not conflict with a variety of substances, in addition to high corrosion compounds, its basic performance in front of any material life doesn't change

4, with excellent heat resistance. Silicone rubber is much better than the ordinary heat resistance, and can be used almost always under 150 ° and no performance change, can be 10000 hours of continuous use under 200 °, 350 ° can also be used for a period of time. Widely used in heat required, thermos bottle seal, pressure cooker coil heat resistant handle.

5, excellent cold resistance. Ordinary rubber cold tolerance for - 20°— 30 °, the silicone rubber is in - 60°— 70 ° still has good elasticity, some special formula of the silicone rubber also can support the extremely low temperatures, such as: silicone seal at low temperature.

6, excellent electrical insulation properties, the ozone and the erosion of oxide with excellent resistance, heat insulation, heat dissipation is good.


soft silicone material flexibility is good, does not recommend collisions with sharp knives, and is not recommended for most of the shrinkage of solvents, oil, thick thick shrink acid and sodium hydroxide after dilution.

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