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by:Cupidove     2020-09-29

silica gel protective sleeve can think everyone to this year's peak of electronic product release, therefore many manufacturers are also the silica gel products industry of electronic protective appliance product research and development of mobile phone cases, tablet cases as well as some dust protection products are developed by different mold and modified, now the electronic case to be full of city region, silica gel protective sleeve on the market also has heard earlier, so a lot of products as competition becomes more innovation and improvement, to the design of the product appearance, internal structure, surface treatment and so on.

from last year to this year is the most common of 7 to 9 inches tablet cases, the most common in the past two months has received orders for electronic products continuously, tablet cases from last year to this year thanks to old customers care until now or let us supply, since in recent months, our company is the production has a certain understanding of silicone case, for the product defective rate, how to control how promotes the production of products, how to catch the delivery speed, and so on. Because the case belong to product of large size, so the weight of the product and raw material costs are relatively high.

mould for large size products are generally developed two point or four point, for silicone rubber products manufacturers generally cavity number, the less the product more good to control the occurrence of defective rate, in order to control product defective rate in the production process, operation is also very important step of mold internal burrs cleaning is in place, appropriate temperature and time control, raw material put are accurate and so on, are also need to be familiar with the operation to complete, but also in the delivery of the product production time to reduce gradually, to guarantee the no bad products as soon as possible under the condition of shipment to the customers. In such a team, whether technical or operation can be fully fit for the job of a team.

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