Production of silicone wristbands specific what are the process steps

by:Cupidove     2020-09-21

as a professional production of silicone wristbands manufacturer, for each wrist belt production process requirement, it is our basic rules and quality requirements. Wrist band silicone products based on silica gel as the main raw material by moulding vulcanization molding process and produce a kind of accessories. From raw materials to packaging required to pass through the following process.

a, raw material preparation

including rubber mixing, color color, weight of raw material, etc.

2, vulcanization molding

after high temperature vulcanization using high pressure curing equipment, make the silicone raw materials and solid shape.

three, trim

off out of the mould of the silicone wristbands products will be jointly and severally useless burrs, will need to be removed. At present, in the industry, silicone products, trimming process completely done by hand.

4, screen printing,

this working procedure is only used in some in silicone wristbands surface patterned products, in order to make the black wristband looks more beautiful, often need to screen printing a few bright-coloured color patterns in the corresponding position.

5, surface treatment,

1. Surface treatment at present most is to spray hot oil silicone products, so that we can make the wristband touch touch is better. This is the most simple surface treatment. Silicone wristbands products in normal condition easy adsorption of dust in the air, and has a certain viscosity. Both can prevent dust and make feel is guaranteed.

2。 Injection and radium vulture, wrist band trimming again after spray on the surface of a layer of color ink radium again after injection pattern, and then the surface spray a layer of hot oil. This process at present more popular.

3。 Drop rubber, silicone wrist on the edge of has been repaired with colored liquid glue to make pattern on the drops.

4。 Color printing, at the edge of the has been repaired, silicone wristbands printed any color pattern, this technology can make the product not only beautiful and stereo sense is very strong, feel is good, and the pattern is very smooth and natural.

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