Production of silicone wrist band patterns which can be used to process

by:Cupidove     2020-09-22

like to wear deserve to act the role of consumers will buy the silicone wristbands, not only wear comfortable in hand, and the patterns of the wrist band is also very good. So these exquisite design or logo is how to make on it? The silicone products manufacturer in production at the wrist band need process? Over and see it together.

a, printing

silicone printing simply by means of screen printing, silk screen printing plate picture and text part of the mesh can be used to through the silica gel, the graphic part of the mesh is not through the basic principle of silica gel for printing. Pressure must scrape scraping threatening the silica gel, the silica gel from the graphic part of the mesh extrusion on the substrates.

2, glue

the molding first, and then glue on the product. Glue ingredient is mainly composed of colloidal and organic solution. Adhesive colloid is used for binding effect. When the glue rely mainly on the volatilization of the organic solution to sponge to achieve the effect of inflation. So as far as possible when the glue don't let the brush glue sponge exposed, such organic solution about the expansion of the sponge effect will be reduced.

3, fuel injection,

applied to spray on the surface of silicone wristbands, in order to improve gloss and feel and font life. After extinction treatment products, has the feel is smooth, matte surface, the friction resistance and other characteristics, can protect the wristbands printed font, and have the effect of dust on the surface.

4, laser carving

radium vulture is also called laser engraving or laser marking, is a kind of surface treatment technology using optical principle. Laser engraving, laser carving is refers to by laser beams of light energy in wrist band silicone products surface physical chemistry physical change and carved marks, or light energy to burn, by part of the material, show the etching of graphics and text. According to the way of carving can be divided into different lattice vector cutting and carving.

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