Production of pneumatic machine hand silicone material

by:Cupidove     2020-05-13
Pneumatic machine hand silicone material made

production pneumatic machine hand silica gel material is a kind of high requirement to the silica gel, he need silica gel has a certain hardness, but also is of telescopic folding 3 million times or more, as we all know, the performance of the silica gel is related to the hardness, the higher the hardness of the more brittle and easier to break, and hard through low and cannot meet the requirements of the product, in view of the pneumatic manipulator debug out a strong resistance to tear our company of high hardness silicone, can satisfy these requirements.

low product introduction

, HY - E645 for molding of organic silicon rubber, often also called a two-component RTV add organic silicone products rubber molding ( Hereinafter referred to as the silicon rubber) 。 A and B components for mobile liquid, in which A component with platinum catalyst catalyst, or other additives after A two-component mixed also can heat curing at room temperature curing.

low product features

, without being limited by the thickness of the product, the depth of the curing;

, low shrinkage rate, not emit low molecular crosslinking process, so the volume, shrinkage rate is less than 0. 1%;

, it has excellent resistance to high temperature, the temperature can reach 200 - 300 degrees;

food-grade, avirulent insipidity, through the FDA food grade certification;

, high tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more;

, good liquidity, easy perfusion; Can also heat curing at room temperature curing, easy to operate;

low technical parameter




mixed before viscosity ( 25℃,65% rh)

E645 ( 一)


11000 + 3000 / - 3000年

E645 ( B)


4500 + 2000 / - 2000

after mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

blending ratio

( Weight ratio)

A: B = 1:1

yan color



blend viscosity


8000 + / - 3000 3500

operation time ( 25℃)


30 - 45

curing time ( 25℃)


3 ~ 4

hard degree ( 海岸)


45 + / - 3

tensile strength


7. 0 + / - 2 1. 0

tear strength


13 + / - 4 3

elongation at break

% p


* viscosity, operating time, after curing hardness can be adjusted with the needs of customers.

the above parameter is the conventional product model, without special flavorings, have a need to know detailed parameters can be directly contact with me, Cupidove silicone wang

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