Processing - at low temperature The importance of silica gel products technology choice

by:Cupidove     2020-08-29
Of organic silicon rubber products industry, forming vulcanization process and efficiency has become the current silicone products manufacturer is the main direction of preemptive advantage, and silicone rubber products processing are currently is subject to a curing vulcanization appeared in the process of production quality control and good efficiency is different, so the above process many silicone manufacturers choose to use low temperature curing processing, so this method can bring what is convenient?

low temperature sulfide and low temperature catalytic, mainly in the silicone rubber raw materials, low temperature curing agent is added to the mixing process of the material of silicon molecular bridge into high activity, from small molecular mechanism of silicone materials of improve the curing rate, promote vulcanization time reaching the production efficiency, the low temperature vulcanization molding process with different formula materials, each material, the effect of the formula and method are different, so not every low temperature curing agent can meet the demand of your product.

the advantages of low temperature vulcanization silicone rubber products

does not produce any glue smell after molding vulcanized silicone rubber products, the quality of the products are of good quality feel active products highlighted by comparison of physical properties, processing and molding curing speed compared with ordinary curing agent can increase by more than 20%, and the process of production quality can be guaranteed.

low temperature curing processing advantages or more, such as platinum vulcanizing agent is a two-component forming sulfide, it possesses the advantages of low production, for the silicone rubber manufacturers, production and processing in low temperature can reduce a lot of disadvantages, such as temperature to reduce the cost of electricity produced by the machine after got down, the indoor temperature of workshop get lower, especially in the summer, won't produce high temperature workshop, employees working environment is improved, the second is the production efficiency is improved, time to speed up the mold of the product, the product can reach the effect of completely tasteless, basic secondary curing temperature must be adopted.

low temperature vulcanization molding is applicable to any silica gel products use, but usually can't be used for miscellaneous accessories industry, because of its expensive, so the choice of basic it is targeted product processing, usually as a food grade silica gel products such as life or long-term exposure to human skin medical grade silicone products selection, because features stable in terms of the quality of the product can get a certain security.

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