Printing rubber roller using silicone material

by:Cupidove     2020-05-12

printing rubber roller using silicone products material

which pay attention to the details of the printing rubber roller have? Printing rubber roller for rubber products, whether in storage or in use process, all maintenance problems that should be pay attention to the rubber roller, as much as possible to achieve good use effect and longer service life.

1。 Storage, installation printing

rubber roller should be stored in a cool and dark place, away from heat source and direct sunlight. Printing rubber roller shelves should be put, dangling adhesive surface, don't put the underground for a long time, more can't make the rubber roller overlying stacked with each other. During the period of storage, keep packing sound. When installing rubber roller, should avoid sharp hard damage of glue, check whether the bearing is good. Check the pressure, do not use metal feeler, lest the cut surface. Cleaning

in the production of printing rubber roller, will frequently wash ink roller and water roller, the cleaning agent ( Washing machine water) Should use professional manufacturers products, both can guarantee the cleaning effect and can greatly reduce the printing rubber roller, prolong the service life of rubber roller. Should avoid to use gasoline, kerosene, the day that the corrosive solvent such as water.

ordinary ink and UV ink properties, therefore, have their own special washing machine water, if can not sure whether you buy the washing machine water, available for our rubber sample ( We can offer) Soaking for 24 hours at room temperature, if the serious inflation or at a much lower hardness is not used.

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